Iran TV – Khazar Ashkenazi «Jews» (ENG SUB)

11 de julio de 2007

Who are the Gog and Magog of the Book of Ezekiel? According to medieval folklore and literature:
Khazars are Hunnic descendants of Gog and Magog, observing all the laws of Judaism – Christian of Stavelot, a ninth-century Christian monk
Khazars are the Gog and Magog, wild men with hideous faces and the manners of wild beasts, eaters of blood – Old Georgian tradition
Red Jews would invade Europe at the end of the world, brining an end to the Christendom – Old German tradition
Gog and Magog are ancestors of the Khazars – Islamic scholars: Ibn Kathir (14th century) and Ibn Fadlan (10th century)
Reference: Aurthur Koestler’s Thirteenth tribe
Genetic testing by Israelis confirm the origin of Ashkenazis, linking them to the people around the Caucus mountains, such as Turks. See haplogroup R-M17 frequencies:
Khazars are said to be decedents of the «Gok» (Göktürk). That name closely resembles «Gog». The White-Khazars and Black-Khazars of the Khazarian empire, had the exact ruler-subject role, as the «Gog and Magaog» respectively. The functions still holds today, as the Ashkenazi elites (Rothschilds, Warburgs, etc.), and the general Ashkenazi masses, respectively.

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